Dandruff: types, causes and remedies

Dandruff is a scalp condition caused by excessive flaking of the skin, manifested by the appearance of small white or yellowish flakes. These flakes are nothing more than dead cells that go on the hair due to excessive skin cell turnover. While not a particularly problematic condition, dandruff can cause significant blemishes, a cause of discomfort and insecurity for many. 

In this article we will go over the types, causes and main remedies against dandruff. 

Dandruff: how it works 

Dandruff can manifest itself mainly in two ways: oily (with yellowish, heavy, sticky flakes) or dry (with whitish, light, floury scales); in both cases, skin irritation and redness may also occur. 

Generally, dandruff is more common in the male gender and tends to emerge in cold seasons, but its causes can be many: 

  • Excess or deficiency in sebum production of the scalp 
  • Skin disorders such as seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and beyond 
  • Malassezia Furfur: A naturally occurring fungus in the scalp that can cause problems if it overgrows 
  • Too frequent washing or hard water: harsh shampoos, chlorine, salt and other substances can irritate the scalp, promoting the appearance of dandruff 
  • Unbalanced stress, diet and lifestyle can weaken our system 

 dandruff scalp

Remedies and best practices to combat dandruff 

Once the type and causes of dandruff have been diagnosed, there are many ways to get rid of this annoying condition, starting from one's own habits to real practical remedies. 

The first thing to do is to start taking care of your scalp and perfect your haircare techniques: wash with lukewarm water and mild shampoos; comb hair gently, avoiding wire or sharp brushes; do not scratch, especially if you are itchy; dry your hair at medium temperature; do not expose your scalp to mechanical stress or harsh styling products; and limit the use of accessories, clips, and very tight elastics. 

This routine can significantly improve the condition of the scalp affected by dandruff; when this is not enough, specific products such as treatments and shampoos can be used Antidandruff.  

 groupage active line Antidandruff

The benefits of the 5.6 Active Napura line 

Often people are led to think that dandruff is caused by poor hair hygiene, this tends to be wrong and can be completely misleading, as we have seen in fact performing too frequent washings without the right products can be precisely the cause. 

At the same time, however, it is necessary to wash the hair regularly to clean it of scales, the secret to fighting dandruff therefore lies in the choosing the right shampoo, which must be gentle and contain the right ingredients to combat various types of dandruff. 

This is precisely why Napura, in more than two decades of research and development, has created the line 5.6 Active Antidandruff: Shampoos and Treatments based on valuable Essential Oils, specifically designed to gently cleanse the skin and fight the causes of dandruff. 

All Napura Shampoos are produced by. without SLS and SLES surfactants, aggressive foaming agents that can damage the balance of the scalp. The shampoos in the 5.6 Active line also contain highly effective ingredients such as the Zinc Lactate (a derivative of sugar fermentation that regulates hydration and sebum production in the scalp) and theRosemary Essential Oil (which promotes scalp oxygenation and cleanses the skin of excess fat and impurities). 

Try the vials T5.6 Active Pre e Post washing combined with the Shampoo S5 Active (for normal scalps) or S6 Active (for irritated scalps) and get rid of the blemishes of dandruff immediately! 

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