Do you want a perfect fringe?

Here are our must-have tips! 

1. Don't touch your bangs!

Never forget, hands off your bangs! 

Although it feels natural to touch it, the more you touch it the dirtier it will get because of the heat and sebum we naturally have on our hands, the impurities they come in contact with, and even the traces of creams and oils we moisturize them with. 

2. Pay attention to Skin Care and Make Up

Bangs rest directly on the skin of the forehead, which is why they tend to get dirtier. 

- Avoid applying large amounts of cream to the forehead and choose a formula that absorbs quickly. 

- Bangs will increase the sebum produced by the skin, so you can apply a purifying mask to this area only. 

- Avoid putting foundation/powder on the forehead, you won't be able to see if it's made up or not, but the fringe will thank you! 

Hair touching the forehead will not come in contact with makeup. 

3. Always wash your comb and brush

It is essential to keep your bangs looking perfect at all times to thoroughly and periodically clean your brush and comb. 

Especially on the brush, residues of styling products and dust accumulate, so if every time you brush your bangs, the brush and comb are not clean will make your bangs greasy and dirty before time. 

4. Select the correct styling products

To AVOID making your bangs dirty quickly, avoid styling products that might weigh them down and make them greasy. So favor: 

- The heat protectant, which protects hair from the heat of blow dryers and straighteners. Bangs are washed more often and are therefore more frequently subjected to heat: the thermo-protector will help keep them from being damaged. 

Napura recommends the brand new NXT Thermo Fluid, enriched with Protevit Complex, protects your hair without weighing it down. 

- The hairspray, indispensable for fixing and preventing the bangs from opening in the middle. Just a couple of sprays from a distance will lock in unruly hair and keep your bangs in place all day long. 

The new NXT Line offers two lacquers with innovative formulas: Antifrizz Eco Fixer, a vegan, no-gas formula that gives softness and shine to your hair while nourishing and protecting it from external agents.

Antifrizz Fixer, ultra-high hold spray that protects against humidity and supports hair all day long. Leaves no residue and is weightless.

Both are perfect for your hair and especially your bangs!

5. Night routine

To avoid struggling in the morning with your bangs the best way, (as they teach backstage at fashion shows) is: 

Secure it with one or two bobby pins using a cotton pad or tissue folded between the clip and your hair. 

No unsightly marks after a night's sleep!

Discover the new NXT Line enriched with Protevit Complex, the innovative synergy of Protein and Vitamins for the health and beauty of your hair, by Napura.


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