Color Trend 2024

È Peach Fuzz the Pantone color of the year 

For more than two decades, Pantone has decreed each year the Colour of the year, trend hue of the year that captures attention and unites various worlds, from design, fashion, and beauty to color-loving amateurs. 

The Trend Color of the year thus becomes a real cultural landmark and takes on significance every year, as well as greatly influencing the marketing world in all sectors. 

This year the beauty world is preparing to welcome a new hue: the Pantone 2024 Peach Fuzz, a peachy, delicate and charming pastel color, soft with a retro and romantic influence. It combines elegance with authenticity, promising to warm our look and our spirit. 

Why Peach Fuzz 

In our historical and socio-cultural context, there is a need for peace, serenity and fixed points, which is why the Color of the Year is presented as calm, delicate, warm and enveloping. Peach Fuzz is the thin thread that unites the contemporary with the past, thanks to its retro flavor that is so harmonious and serene that it cannot be missed in modern style. 

Peach tones like Peach Fuzz, are known to have therapeutic properties. They are thought to positively influence mood, reduce stress and stimulate creativity. The election of this shade reflects the growing importance of emotional well-being and balance in our society. 

Peachy tones are also often associated with spring, rebirth and hope. In choosing Peach Fuzz, there is an optimistic message that looks to the future with confidence, inviting us to embrace new opportunities and cultivate a sense of personal and collective rebirth.

Peach Fuzz in the Beauty 

A very versatile color due to its delicacy, it lends itself perfectly to all areas of the Beauty and Self Care world. 

This peachy color so soft and graceful, with its warmth envelops any look, matching all types of complexions. Watchword: freshness, youthfulness and radiance.  Not to miss the mood of the trend, we recommend the Blush MTJ Soft Peach  and the double illuminant Skin Luminescent Duowhich thanks to their warm, peachy tones will brighten and soften your face, making any of your looks romantic and elegant. 


Complete your look by staying totally immersed in the cool and relaxing mood of Peach Fuzz, pamper your lips with a lipstick or gloss in peachy tones.  MTJ recommends. Shalom!, rossetto with a matte finish perfect for adding a touch of style to your look without sacrificing elegance and originality. 

Don't forget the Self-Care 

Self-care and Wellness have become a priority in modern life, and Peach Fuzz fits perfectly into this philosophy, which goes beyond aesthetics, helping to create a daily ritual of well-being and authenticity. 

Peach Fuzz is not just a color, but a sensation. It is the warmth of the sun on the skin and the sweetness of a hug. This color is perfect for incorporating mindfulness practices into your beauty routine, creating a moment of relaxation and mindfulness. We have expanded on the topic of self-care in this Beauty Blog.

Turn your beauty routine into a moment of pure pleasure with MTJ.


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