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Practical guide to tame curly hair

You know, curly hair is the most difficult to treat, often to remedy the problem of nodes and indomitability, it is aimed at using the plate in a manner reckless, burning and ruining the hair, which would only need the right nourishment to find shape e combability. 

Do you go away in an attempt to tame them? 

Don't worry, soon we will reveal the secret to taking them to the best. But first let's try to understand why curly hair is so complicated as to treat. 

Do you think you have already tried them all? Perhaps you have simply used too aggressive products, for this reason it seems to you that the situation is only worsened: little delicate treatments lead the hair to dry out and tick. 

Although the curly hair is very voluminous and therefore seem much more thick than the smooth hair, it is still subject to breakage and must be cared for carefully. 

You don't have to rage on the knots you see when you get out of the shower, you will not solve the situation by combing your hair violently. 

What is the solution? 

Often curly hair becomes frizzy and dry, but you don't have to surrender. 

The secret is in the right hydration and delicate cleansing! 

Simple, right? Just use the right products and gently deal with the hair. 

Council number 1: Never rub the towel too violently on the hair when you dry them, but clash it gently and try to destroy them gently with the help of the conditioner. 

Council number 2: Do not use too hot water when you whisk them, and do not keep the hairdryer too close to the hair during drying; The high temperature could ruin, or worse, burn the hair, highlighting the dry and frizz effect. 

There is no two 2 without 3, and the third council It is the most precious: Nut and pamper your curls in your daily hair routine. Use the right products and in the right quantities and comb the hair gently, preferably from wet and with a wide -toothed comb. 

The MTJ solution at hand

MTJ dedicates an entire curly hair line: Protein And  The nutritional and moisturizing line for your curls, based on hydrolyzed milk, yogurt, rice and wheat protein, which act together with the precious moisturizing ingredients to make your hair soft and elastic.

Start from the shampoo, choose Protein Shampoo, tRaining nutritional for curly and wavy hair. It nourishes deeply without weighing down and leaves the hair soft and shiny. 

The proteins contained in the formula strengthen the capillary structure and give elasticity and definition to your curls. The delicate and natural surfactants in its formula are rigorously SLS & Sles Free, ensure the right cleansing of the scalp by not attacking it. Protein Shampoo is dermatologically tested and also suitable for the most sensitive skin. 

Then passes to Protein Milk, the Perfect treating mask to use after protein shampoo, which nourishes the hair improving its appearance. 

Milk protein for deep hydration, defined curls and elastic and full -bodied hair. Protein Milk also acts as a protector and repairer from the damage of aggressive colors and UV rays.

Finish your treatment with Mousse proteins  or Protein Fluid.

Protein Mousse It is a soft foam based on milk proteins and yogurt that fixes by donating elasticity and an anti -navy effect. For perfect curls, voluminous and protected by external agents. Apply it before drying, any styling will be lasting and the curls will be perfectly tamed. 

Protein Fluid It is a nutritional fluid and disciplant for curls that need particular nourishment and elasticity. Cereal proteins and glycolic barrel extract give elasticity to the hair and protect the hair cuticle, even from humidity, making the curls toned. Protein Fluid is perfect is in fact suitable for curly hair but suitable for all hair types. 

Protein For shiny hair and splendid curls. 

Discover the seductive world of Mtj.

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