Did you know that your lips also age?

How to counteract the advance of time 

You may have noticed, perhaps looking back at old photos of grandparents, that in addition to wrinkles on the face, the signs of the passage of time are particularly visible on the lips. In fact, at a young age they appear more plumped and smooth, while as time passes they deflate and small wrinkles appear on the lips and all around their perimeter. 

Prevention as usual is the number one rule to follow to cheat the passing of time and have younger looking lips. 

Let's delve deeper... 

Lip tissue is very special; it is soft and very sensitive, a key accomplice of some of the 5 senses, such as touch and taste.  

You may have noticed, even when you put on lipstick, that the epidermis that covers your lips looks as if it is divided into two parts: the outer part, which, to be clear, is the part that gets dry in winter, and the inner part, which is moist and connects the outer part of the lips with the gums. It is for all intents and purposes a mucous membrane. 

The tissue covering the lips is particularly vascularized, hence we can notice its rosy color, which is more or less pronounced depending on the amount of melanin present and the thickness of that tissue. 

The outer part is for all intents and purposes always exposed to atmospheric agents and pollution and UV rays, just like the skin of the face. 

This is why lips also age, and if we do nothing to counter the advance of time, wrinkles will soon appear on their surface and contours.

Let's focus on the causes  of aging

In addition to external factors such as pollution and sun exposure, the causes are also internal. Aging is human, and lips like all our skin will lose texture due to the fragmentation of collagen and elastin fibers. As we age, their color and shape also change. 

Although these changes are particularly visible and more rapid from age 60 onward, the change begins even before age 40, which is why it is important to take care of one's lips from a young age. 

How do you keep your lips young?

Surely you've guessed it: the first thing you need to do to prevent your lips from aging is to nourish them e protect them. 

You must always choose quality lip balms that will nourish them thoroughly. We recommend the best for your lips:

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