The polypoluration effect in the new S | 5 Active Plus

The TreatSystemethod solution

S | 5 Active Plus, it is the Napura treatment Normalizing skin, for the balance of the microbiota, with a pollution effect. 

It is an extraordinary novelty in the TreatSystemethod field: a new extra delicate skin shampoo, with Probiotics and Ginger essential oil From normalizing and dusted action, for scalp with itching, dryness and other skin discomforts.

The constant use promotes the balance of the microbiota, restoring the hydrolipidic barrier and normalizing the cell turnover.


How do you affect urban pollution on the health of our hair?

Urban pollution significantly affects our health, both internal and external. The fine dust, UV rays, heavy metals, highly industrialized places and closed environments can cause an alteration of the hydrolipidic barrier. This modification followed by the imbalances of the vital component of the barrier: the skin microbiota. We deepened the topic in This post blog, read it to find out more.


What are skin discomfort?

The alteration of the skin microbiota, together with a frenetic and stressful lifestyle, can generate more or less intrusive and visible scalp imperfections of the scalp. 

The most common alterations caused by urban pollution or stress factors are:

• Prury • opaque hair • weighted hair • redness • forms of irritation • dry skin

The need for those suffering from the imbalance of the skin microbiota is similar to those who have the intestine in turmoil, therefore they need integration. 

S | 5 Active Plus is the response to this type of need and can be used on any type of skin.


How does S | 5 Active Plus act?

S | 5 Active Plus contains prebiotics from Extracts of the cortex of Phellodendron Amurense (cork tree) and from the extract of Chrysanthemies flowers: restore the healthy balance of the skin and the damaged and irritated scalp, the balance of unbalanced leather going to strengthen the most important bacterial leather bacterial diner, the Staphylococcugoccuoccuoccusepidermidis and agents as antimicrobials towards StaphylococcucusciS and CutibacteriMaCannes (on the scalp is involved in development in development of the Uptosity).

Both of these active inquiry attenuates inflammatory phenomena. Result: increase in the elasticity of the skin, antioxidant action, cancellation of redness and irritation, reduction of desquamation and itching. 


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