Hair styling to scream!

Let's find out together the trends of this season

There is something for all tastes: this season autumn/winter 2023/24 is in the name of fashion, even for your hair. Mullet dominates both women and men. 

But also the cured and arranged hair, both smooth and moved. 

We will make you discover the hottest trends of the season to never go out of fashion ... read until the end and pay attention to the spoilers! 

Let's start with trend man

For those who love the comfort area and want to stay more on the classic, the first look in trend this season is Naturally Forward, longer short hair on the head and shaved on the sides, to enhance the hair, both curly and smooth. 

The appearance of this look remains natural and soft, more thick if the cut is medium or long. The moved hair or "Messy" effect curl marries very well with this style and can be obtained thanks to one mousse or a fluid Anti -star, which allow you to define hand styling. 


It is trendy and famous, suitable for those who never give up a touch of style: the Modern Mullet It is a shorter haircut on the sides and longer in the center, with tufts that place themselves on the nape of the neck and are also seen from the front. 

Loved by the most daring and worn by many celebrities, to obtain the perfect Mullet you will need one volumizing spray or a light gel To fix the hair without weighing it down. 


For the most elegant and lovers of simplicity, it Slicked Back It's the perfect look. It is very easy to obtain and manage, and consists of combed hair backwards, symbol of elegance, refinement and style. 

To get this super cool look you will need a good one gel to be treated hair and keep the crease. 

We continue with the Woman trends 

The most nostalgic will surely love it: the Butterfly cut It is inspired by the 70s 80s and is a very scaled cut, with sinuous and light front locks. To get the best from this cut, one is needed lacquer with medium estate, which maintains the volume of the hair and help to model them. 


Androgynous look, cheeky but also elegant and full of personality: the Boyish Style He is depopulating. It is a very orderly look, a sort of helmet with longer and scaled lateral tufts. The side line is a must have and the gel It will be essential to raise the tips a little and create a beautiful 1 80s wave tuft. 



He is loved by everyone, even by women, the Mullet It is in fact very fashionable, especially for wavy or curly hair. The hair is a little shorter on the sides and in the front, which becomes similar to a fringe, the rear hair is longer. The effect is also a little Messy here and gives freshness and lightness to the look. 

To better enhance the Mullet, you need a mousse which gives definition and a serum that does not weigh down the hair, making it bright. 

Finally, but not least, a great classic for the woman with a long hair: the ponytail low. Elegant, orderly and chic, perfect with the line in the center and the lateral tufts left soft. 

For a top look, the trend recommends long straight, but above all shiny hair; spray And glossy serums they will for you! 


And what style do you prefer? 

As you have seen, there is truly for all tastes and for every occasion, without ever forgetting that the look you choose is synonymous with freedom because it expresses your personality, and we want to make you make it fully stand out! 

... by the way, have you guessed what are the spoilers that we left here and there in this post blog? Try to guess them, they could be something that has to do with a big napure novelty! 

Stay tuned And in the meantime, discover all the wonderful lines TreatSysteMethod For your hair. 

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