Skin and toxins: how to intervene?

Did you know that your skin may be intoxicated?

The skin is stiff.

Try pressing the scalp skin in the vertex area with your fingertips: if it remains whitish, it means the circulation is slowed, so probably intoxicated; if it turns red, then it is healthy.

Or, apply light pressure to the skin with the tip of a comb, first on the sides of the head above the ears, then in the middle of the head: if you feel discomfort or increased soreness, it means the skin may be intoxicated.

The hair grows very fine.

If your hair grows fine, less shiny and duller and tends to fall out then a Purifying Treatment needs to be performed to remove the accumulation of toxins in the scalp and provide more oxygenation to the hair bulbs.


The ideal time to purify toxin-prone skin is before spring to prevent seasonal shedding.

In fact, a purifying treatment is suitable both for those who have obvious skin problems with toxins but also for those who are prevention-minded: it should in fact be done at least twice a year, in spring and fall, to prepare the skin for the seasonal change and to make subsequent adjuvant anti-fall treatments much more effective Napura and MTJ.


The Purify Napura line

Was created precisely to meet a need for scalp purification, thanks to Napura cosmetic expertise related to the use of the best natural principles.

You can use the PURIFY shampoo on its own by putting it directly into the scalp on dry hair, thanks to the specific dispenser and leaving it on for a few minutes. Perfect for transforming the daily act of shampooing into a mini treatment.

Its extremely powerful mix of 8 essential oils will dissolve accumulated metabolic waste, thanks to its very effective solvent power and its very high ease of absorption by the skin. In addition, its excellent washing power will give the hair a fabulous clean feeling.


The Omeglix MTJ Superior Therapy line

If you prefer the allure of MTJ discover the Omeglix 60 line, a treatment shampoo based on the Omeglix® 60 complex, a specific combination of Pataua Oil rich in vitamins A, C, E and omega-3 and omega-6 combined with natural Xylitol and 18-beta Glycyrrhetinic Acid (from Licorice extract).

This formula was developed to eliminate impurities in the skin or in cases where the normal and improved condition of the dermis is desired to be optimized. It performs a sebum-balancing action on the hair while providing nourishment and hydration.

Make yourself desirable and take care of your scalp for light, shiny hair with an unparalleled clean feel.







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