Untamed hair in winter?

Hydrate and protect

Have you just finished styling and after a few hours your hair looks untamed and electrostatic? Do you see it flying over your shoulders and can't retain the styling?

Why are your hair dry?

Winter is the season when hair dehydrates most easily, becoming frizzy, dry and electrostatic. Winter clothes such as scarves, sweaters, bonnets, and hats made of acrylic fibers make hair even more bizarre. This matter, in fact, creates a buildup of static electricity that is transferred to the hair which, becoming positively charged, repels each other, having lost electrons due to rubbing against these fabrics.

Wind, cold, dry air and weather phenomena also contribute to even drier hair. In fact, the lack of moisture in the air tends to dry out the keratin of the hair fiber, which acquires electricity. In addition, the heating of the environments in which we live and work further worsens the state of the hair. If you have thin hair, the phenomenon of electrostatic charges will be even more pronounced.

In short, hair becomes lighter and tends to fly through the air, creating that unsightly messy effect. Then you need to find ways to make it more disciplined

Some practical tips to tame the hair

1. Try to avoid synthetic fibers and wool the rubbing of hair on them.

2. When you tease your hair, do not compress too much on the scalp, but delicately emulsify, dabbing your hair with the towel before drying it.

3. Hydrates the hair with specific products, such as oils or balms during and after washing. Take the time for a nourishing mask per week.

The Builder 

5. Use wooden brushes or combs or natural fibers as plastic increases the electric charge of the hair. Brush your hair gently, with soft and delicate movements.

6. Before drying, apply a protective and disciplant lotion, dry your hair and before making the styling with iron or plate applies a thermo protector.

7. Finally, fix everything with a lacquer, will help you seal the cuticles for an insured anti -icy effect.

8. Try to avoid lightening the hair during the winter. Loading is an aggressive treatment that makes hair very dry.

9. If the tips of your hair are very clear or dry, cut them, to restore oxygen and life to your hair.

Here are some products to hydrate and nourish your hair and fight electrostatic charges during the winter:

Full Nutry line

And here are some products for a perfect finish and an anti - crepe effect also with the cold:

Cotton Fluid Oil

Vitamin All in One

Pearl spray

Touch Fluid

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