Activates of the Indian Kino

Scientific name: Pterocarpus marsupium
Classification: Active principle

Protects the scalp.

Tales from nature

The Indian Kino is a plant originally from India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka; It is a caducing plant belonging to the Fabaceae family. The term "pterocarpus" derives from the combination of Greek and Latin words "pteron" which means "wing" and "caron" which means "fruit", while "marsupium" means "sack". The natural populations have been significantly reduced and in the forest there are often young trees, which makes it an extinction species.

The flowers appear in November and are dense, yellow and collected in cobs. Being a legume, its fruits are flat and winged pods, each containing a maximum of three seeds. The pterocarpus marsupium is used in many traditional medicines, in cosmetics in the formulas of hair or skin treatments.


The extracts of the wood and the cortex are used in the cosmetic formulas of shampoo, masks or specific treatments for skin and hair, as they protect the scalp from the harmful changes and changes in which the protein structures of the dermis can incur.

Principi attivi

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