Mandarin essential oil

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Mandarin (Citrus reticulated) is a fruit tree belonging to the Rutaceae family. It is one of the three original citrus fruits of the genus Citrus together with Cedar and Pomelo. The name Mandarin can refer to both the plant and its fruit. It comes from China, and is identical to the name given to the ancient imperial politicians with whom an orange cloak were dressed.

The cultivation of the fruit arrived in Europe around the fifteenth century. The leaves are small and very fragrant. The precious essential oil is obtained from the mandarin, known for its purifying, toning, antiviral and antiseptic properties, so much so that it is used frequently in cosmetics within products for the treatment of skin imperfections such as acne and oily skin.


It helps to maintain hydrolipidal balance and the hydration of the skin as well as exhibiting healing and emollient properties. It improves blood and lymphatic circulation, stimulating the reabsorption of excess liquids.

It is in fact one of the best essential oils used in cosmetics in the formulas of anti -cellulite products. It also has a reinforcing action on weak and draining hair for the skin toxins, in specific treatments for the scalp.

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