Honey extract

Scientific name: Honey Extract
Classification: Vegetable extract

Moisturizing, emollient and antioxidant.



Tales from nature

Honey is produced by bees that use the nectar of flowers or secretions of plants for some types. Once collected, the nectar is dehydrated by the bees, which add enzymes and only subsequently release it in the favi.
Honey must be cold extracted to preserve their properties because if it reaches temperatures to 45 degrees, it risks losing its properties and deteriorating.

Honey is particularly suitable for the treatment of dry, rough or dehydrated skin of the body such as elbows, hands and heels. This is thanks to its hygroscopic properties, that is, its ability to absorb and retain water. Furthermore, thanks to its antibacterial functions, honey is one of the most effective and common remedies for chapped lips, even in the presence of small cuts on the lips: it will help to heal by carrying out a healing action.

Honey also has significant antioxidant properties thanks to vitamin E, which significantly slows down the natural aging of the skin.


Composed mainly of fructose, glucose, water, mineral salts and enzymes, honey extract is a very effective natural ingredient for hair beauty, thanks to its emollient and moisturizing effects that help to regenerate brisk and spoiled hair.

Also on the skin it acts by restoring its natural hydration and softness, with benefits against aging. Tonifies, nourishes, protects and smooth, also correcting problems related to acne or impure skin. If used within formulas of coloring products, it prevents redness and skin irritations.

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