Brazil orange essential oil

Scientific name: Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel Oil
Classification: Essential oil

Purifying, relaxing, toning.

Tales from nature

Brazil orange is an evergreen tree with shiny leaves and branches with thorns that produces intense perfume flowers. To date, the largest worldwide manufacturer of Brazil is Brazil, despite the fact that this plant is originally from China and the Far East. The type of fruit is a kind of berry covered with a peel that protects the fruit pulp inside.

From it the orange essential oil is extracted, rich in vitamin C and known for its anti -inflammatory and antibacterial qualities.


Brazil's orange essential oil has purifying, relaxing, moisturizing on the skin effects. It is also used in anti-cellulite treatments, thanks to its toning, anti-aging and diuretic properties.

It is a highly appreciated active ingredient also for its intense citrus flavoring effect, excellent as a fragrance in numerous skincare products.

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