Cedar essential oil

Scientific name: Citrus Medica Oil
Classification: Essential oil

Normalizing and sebumous.


Tales from nature

Cedar is a kind of evergreen belonging to the Citrus genus, of the Rutaceae family. It is considered one of the three species of citrus fruits from which all members of the genre now known today, together with Mandarin and Pomelo, derive. It is originally from Asia and widely cultivated in Sicily and Calabria. It can reach four meters in height.

The fruit resembles an ovalized or round lemon. The sui perfume is sweet and citrus, very intense. Cedar essential oil is extracted from the skin for cold pressing.

It is used in perfumery for colonies perfumes, as a fragrance for detergents, soaps and body products, such as anti -cellulite or in impure skin treatments.


Cedar essential oil performs a powerful regulatory action on the skin, effectively attenuating the productions of the glands.

It reduces inflammation, carries out a delicate peeling activity on the skin and is useful for the balance and well -being of oily and impure skin.
It also benefits effects for the hair, strengthening them.

Principi attivi

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