Verbena essential oil

Scientific name: Verbena OfficinalisLeaf Rectified Oil

Classification: Essential oil

Moisturizing and fabric softener.


Tales from nature

Verbena's essential oil is extracted from Lippia Citriodora, a plant from the Verbenaceae family. It has anti -inflammatory and calming properties, thanks to its refreshing properties. It is a wood with a woody stem that can reach two meters in height.

It has lanceolate leaves and small white flowers arranged in an ear. It is originally from Latin America and is grown in all the countries of the Mediterranean basin.

The Romans considered Verbena a propitiatory plant and was used for the purification of the altars and to accompany the activities of the ambassadors who, before leaving, were touched with branches of this plant collected in a sacred place of the Capitol to attribute them the powers of representation of the Roman state.


Verbena's essential oil is known to purify and tone the skin: hydrate and soften the skin, giving it a radiant light and a younger appearance.
Within massage oils for the face and body, it has regenerating properties.

Ideal for oily skin, weak and not very elastic fabrics are able to prevent the formation of stretch marks, thanks to the toning and stimulating action on blood circulation.

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