Olive oil

Scientific name: Olea Europaea Fruit Oil
Classification: Vegetable oil

Nourishing, emollient and moisturizing.


Tales from nature

Olive oil has always been used as an emollient, fabric and anti -inflammatory softener against dry and desquamate skin, making it elastic and luminous. It has always represented a powerful beauty ingredient for our body.

Its properties have been known for some time: compresses, ointments and balms based on oil were used in the daily life of the ancient Romans and were the beauty secret of women of all social backgrounds, as well as the remedy for wounds and moisturizing care of athletes of the time.
Recent studies have confirmed that the composition of the triglycerides fats of olive oil is very similar to the sebum of the skin. And among the natural lipids, it is the most similar to the lipid layer of our skin.

It contains vitamin A, with an emollient effect, vitamin D and squalene, an hydrocarbon also present in the sebaceous secretions of human beings.
This allows him to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin and to create the hydrolipidic thread again, weakened by sunlight and detergents.


Olive oil is widely used in cosmetics, thanks to its nourishing, emollient, acidifying, toning and revitalizing properties. It has always been an excellent remedy for weak hair and tending to the occasional fall.

A further use is like sunny as it allows ultraviolet rays to penetrate our skin and thanks to its antioxidant properties it manages to protect us from their damage. It helps to keep the skin well hydrated, soothe and preventing redness.

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