Thyme essential oil

Scientific name: Thymus oil
Classification: Essential oil

Antibacterial and normalizing sebum.


Tales from nature

The thymus (Thymus) belongs to the Labiateae family and includes about 350 species of plants, including the common thyme (Thymus vulgaris), originally from the western Mediterranean; It is a small perennial aromatic shrub, evergreen and conifer with white -roosal or lilac flowers, with very slow growth and reaches a height of 10 - 30 cm.

It preferably grows in light, limestone, drained and sunny soils. Thyme essential oil is obtained due to steam current distillation from thyme flower stems. It is used in perfumery and in cosmetics, thanks to its antiseptic and antispasmodic properties.


Thanks to its antibacterial properties, the thyme essential oil is very effective in anti -dandruff treatments, and in case of oily hair, as it allows you to thoroughly cleanse the scalp, limiting sebum secretions.

It also contrasts the itching and inflammation of the skin, regenerating the scalp and restoring elasticity and shine to the most fragile hair.

Principi attivi

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