Do you try to cover up imperfections with Make Up?

You should know that Make Up and Skincare have never been so similar and close 

You're getting ready for an important evening, you finally unpack that foundation you'd never used, you imagine yourself with porcelain skin attending the event you've been waiting so long for, you want to look beautiful and perfect. 

You prepare your favorite brush or beauty blender, put a drop of foundation on your face...and notice the unwelcome guests: pimples, small spots, discolorations, dry skin. 

So you abound with foundation, add layer upon layer, then concealer, spot in the affected areas, and in the end you feel you've only made things worse. You think that basically it's because you've eaten too much chocolate and you feel like there's no remedy.

There is, and we reveal it to you! 

The one described above is the most classic of situations. We often buy foundations and concealers that are not suitable for our skin type, and we tend to put on excessive amounts of them trying to erase our mistakes as well. 

Let's not forget that for a successful look we should never neglect Skincare, we talked about it in this Blog Post with tips for mature skin, but these are tips that apply to all ages! 

 Speaking of Skincare, have you ever considered foundation and concealer as 2-in-1? 

...No? Maybe it's because you've never tried the Line Make Up MTJ!

It is a good habit, especially during times when our skin is particularly imperfect, to care and pamper it with appropriate products. 

Often those who use foundation and concealer every day therefore want products treating, which act on imperfections as well as covering them.

Foundation and concealer are your allies. 

Let's start with foundation: Revitalizing Foundation is specially designed for treat your skin while wearing it. 

In fact, its formula contains the most desired ingredient: Hyaluronic Acid to keep your skin hydrated and youthful. In fact, this precious molecule is already present in our bodies, which produce less and less of it as we age; that's why it's important to give our skin a youthful boost, even when we put on makeup. 

Revitalizing Foundation also contains raspberry plant stem cells, which work in synergy with Vitamin E, A, and C for a revitalizing refill of freshness.Elastic skin and immediate rejuvenating effect. 

For the little details there is Rich Cover Concealer, which neutralizes dark circles and other discolorations for a natural effect and a texture that blends seamlessly into the complexion. It contains Rosehip Oil, which has moisturizing and regenerative properties. 

The combo of these two products will make your face base perfect, with more supple, smooth and youthful skin. Wear Skincare, Try MTJ Make Up. 

Discover all the Lines, let yourself be seduced.


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