Feb. 16 M'illumino di Meno National Day of Energy Conservation and Sustainable Lifestyles.

And you light up less? 

Get to know the Day I Light Up Less? It is organized annually to promote habits toward sustainable lifestyles and energy conservation. 

It takes its name from the famous lines of the poem Morning, by Giuseppe Ungaretti: 



This day, which aims to spread awareness and education about sustainability, was established on Feb. 16, the day on which, in 2005, the Kyoto Protocol. 

It is an international agreement containing commitments by industrialized countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

 Among the points of the decalogue of M'illumino di meno, we find small tricks, more or less symbolic, to put in place on February 16, but also every other day of our lives, to be part of this little big change. 

 For example, do not use the car or share it to make a single trip in several people, turn off the lights and plant trees, plants and flowers, do not waste water.

What can you do to be part of the change?

Golden Rule: make sustainable purchases

When you buy our products, buy the large sizes! They will save you money on your wallet, but also on the plastic used. One liter bottle, for example, corresponds to 5 bottles of 200 ml.

You will have much more product in one package, which will therefore contain much less plastic.  

If you buy the airless formats, you will have no product waste, thanks to the intelligent and highly hygienic dispensing system. 

If you and a friend or family member want to make purchases on our e-shop, group them in as few orders as possible to save a transport and decrease CO2 emissions.  
Even in 2024, on orders of 60 euros, we will plant a tree for you. Continue the project Plant a Tree and Breathe with us: In 2023 we planted 10,000 trees equal to 5000 tons of CO2 absorbed during the life cycle of these trees. 

Our commitment to the planet has been fulfilled. 

The opportunity you have been waiting for

Speaking of large formats, we have come up with a unique promo for you and for less impact on the environment. 

BigSize-BigSale, the UNIQUE promo on Napura and MTJ large formats, was born. 

1000ml shampoo and 750ml Napura masks; 
MTJ 1000ml shampoo and masks, are discounted for the very first time. We have never discounted these formats, not even during Black Friday!  

When you buy three BigSizes of the same type, you will get an immediate 30% discount on the three BigSizes you choose.  

February 10 through February 25 only.


This promo is: 

- Unique, because it is the first time that the large 750ml and 1000ml sizes are going on discount. 

- Sustainable, because by purchasing the large sizes you will reduce plastic use and environmental impact during transportation. You will in fact place fewer orders to get more product, less plastic, and fewer emissions! 

- Compact: the three BigSizes will be shipped to you in a convenient cardboard case. Stylish, sustainable, recyclable and reusable.  

*still in stock

Always remember not to waste energy! 
Thank you, you are part of us ♡ 

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