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You get really care of your hair? Did you know that the health and beauty of your hair starts right at its root? Often neglected, the scalp requires specific attention and care to ensure radiant hair. You therefore need to know how to treat your scalp if you want gorgeous, healthy lengths. 

For 23 years Napura has been a professional in caring for your scalp and hair, dedicating specific Lines for the most common skin and length imperfections. Our strengths are Treatments against dandruff and hair loss. 

Our Best Seller S|6  is the specific shampoo Antidandruff that eliminates scalp irritation. With an average score of 4.83 out of 5, it takes the top spot among our best-loved, and most importantly, best-selling products of 2023. 

Foundations for strong, shiny hair: the scalp 

The scalp is the foundation from which hair grows, and keeping the skin microbiota is critical for the growth and strength of your hair. The accumulation of sebum, dead skin cells and product residues can generate dandruff and irritation, negatively affecting hair quality. 

pH imbalances can lead to dryness and irritation or, conversely, excessive sebum production. Products formulated to restore and maintain a balanced pH help prevent skin problems and create an optimal environment for hair growth.  Napura has created for you the 7|pH line ribalancing skin and lengths. Based on. Grapefruit extract, promotes the closure of cuticular scales, making hair extraordinarily smooth, shiny and combable. It rids the scalp and lengths of impurities, leaving them fresh, healthy and balanced. 

Environmental stress, such as pollution and UV rays, can also damage the scalp, negatively affecting hair health. Products containing protective ingredients can help defend the scalp from harmful external agents, maintaining its vitality and preventing damage. Using products specifically for the scalp helps keep it clean, moisturized and free of impurities. S|5 Active Plus is the ally of your skin microbiota with natural ingredients such as Ginger oil  e Prebioticsand anti-pollution effect, nourish and protect your skin's natural barrier to ensure relief for your skin. 

Be sure to include in your Hair Care Routine Treatments specific to your needs, and don't forget to properly massage your scalp when applying Shampoo or Treatments. Proper massage can improve blood circulation, nourish follicles, and promote healthy hair growth, increasing the performance of the treatment itself. Factors such as external changes, seasonality, stress and advancing time can lead to occasional hair loss. An increasingly common problem, our mission is to combat shedding, whether seasonal, moderate or more invasive. 

Napura has several Lines to fight and prevent shedding, and to stimulate your hair growth. Let's discover them together: 

Line 00|Stamigen;

Controls episodes of weakening and excessive hair loss by providing substances that promote the natural processes of hair turnover and regrowth, such as plant stem cell extracts, derived from the Grapes  and from the Flower of Lilac.

Line 0|Anagen;

Line for fine hair that struggles to lengthen. The growth phase of the hair is precisely called the Anagen. Thanks to ingredients such as the Vitamin H the Line Anagen acts directly on the hair bulb, promoting its functions and prolonging its life phase. 

Lines 2|Energy e 3|Energy;

Fall prevention lines for normal skin and for Oily Scalp. For provide adequate energy and nourishment, even in cases of hyperhidrosis. With Noble Laurel Essential Oil  which strengthens and tones hair bulbs.


Line 4|Prime;

Strengthening line to prevent hair loss. Prime  performs a revitalizing action on roots, preventing their weakening and the problem of premature fall, thanks to Citrus Essential Oils, such as BergamotGrapefruitOrange e Lemon.

The Importance of Plant Proteins 

Against damage and breakdown, Plant Proteins will come to your rescue. Proteins are the main component of our skin and hair; in fact, they penetrate the cortex of the hair, nourishing it from the inside. Napura Shampoos contain numerous Plant Proteins, such as those from the Wheat from Cereals and the SilkDiscover all the valuable Active ingredients contained in the formulas Napura here.

Massage your scalp to promote microcirculation. And always remember that the beauty of your hair starts with the health of your scalp. 

Start taking care of it now, with Napura.

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