Microproteins and gluten

The microproteins Can cereals be harmful to intolerant consumers? 

Let's dispel this myth. 

If you are gluten intolerant, surely you wondered if the products of the Line m line, that contain Microproteins derived from the greator, can be harmful to you in case of contact with the mouth. 


Scientific focus: 

Let's start with Plant microproteins: They derive from cereals and consequently contain gluten, but you don't have to worry. 

The microprotein deriving from wheat is a protein hydrolisate. During the production process, the Native gluten (Gliadina), which is an insoluble protein (characterized by its very high molecular weight), is converted into a lower soluble and molecular state. 

The insoluble residues are separated from different filtration phases during production. 

Furthermore, We have ensured by analysis GPC (Gel Cromatography permeation) that our hydrolyzed wheat proteins do not show any Native gluten peak. 

Therefore, it is unlikely that the Native gluten (Gliadina) It is present in the raw material, thanks to the production procedure used and the solubility behavior of the products. 

I can use the Microproteins even if I am - even if they are gluten intolerant?

Having said that, therefore, you must know that all products that contain wheat microproteins, can also be used by those suffering from intolerances or gluten allergies. 

Even if they came into contact with their mouths, they would have a very low probability of reaching the intestine, which is the point where the problem arises. 

So don't worry and enjoy yours natural treatment based on microproteins!


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