Pollution and hair

How pollution affects the health of our hair?

Urban pollution significantly affects our health, both internally and externally. Therefore, especially urban dwellers are subject to the effects of pollution on their hair, which may appear dull, dull and parched. 

We have already mentioned that the hair absorbs like a sponge; fine dust, UV rays, heavy metals and substances present in closed environments are in fact absorbed by the scalp and hair, which will appear weighed down, disheveled and visibly in need of washing.


The visible consequences on the hair, are due to an imbalance of the Skin microbiota, find out what it is here

You can protect yourself from pollution?

Napura has the answer for you: in your Hair Care Routine can't miss S5 Active Plus, a shampoo that restores the balance of the Microbiota, greatly reducing skin discomfort due to pollution and external factors. 

This product acts as a shield against aggressive agents in the atmosphere, extending the life of our hair and making it shinier. 

Thanks to the synergy of Ginger Oil e strengthening actives for our epidermal barrier, S5 Active Plus ensures a lasting anti-pollution effect, which you can implement by completing your personalized hair care routine. You can request the shampoo at all Napura specialized salons.

If you want to learn more about it check out the video By Mirko, Formulator Chemist and Production Manager Procosmet.

Learn about the world of S5 Active Plus!

Did you know. The Twist Open cap is characteristic of shampoos Napura, because it allows to deliver the product directly to the skin reinforcing the effects of the valuable Essential Oils contained in the formula. We talked about it in this Blog Post.

What are you waiting for? Discover the best routine for you and start taking care of your hair. 

Step 1: Did you know that you can take a closer look at your skin to find out what discomforts your skin suffers from? Find out how to here

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