Paradise feeling

The mood relaxing e seductive of suns MTJ 

Imagine you are on a paradise beach, with the sun setting and the sound of waves crashing on the shore. You feel relaxed and serene, your skin is kissed by the sun. The light clothes you in gold while intoxicating scents envelop you making you immerse yourself in a dream...This is the Paradise feeling, a unique sensory experience that you can enjoy thanks to MTJ Sun sunscreens.  

MTJ Sun sunscreens are formulated with high-quality, natural ingredients that protect the skin from UV rays while nourishing and brightening it. Their fragrance is sensual and enveloping, helping to create an atmosphere of relaxation and well-being. 

The MTJ Sun Lineai offers a wide variety of skin and hair products to meet all needs. Precious Active Ingredients enrich the formulas, making them unique, rich and precious. 

Principles Active Ingredients by quality for an experience exclusive 

The MTJ Sun Line is rich in fine ingredients that not only make our formulas unique, but also generate well-being and impart an unmistakable fragrance that will transport you to enchanting worlds. 

Learn more about the Polynesian Monoi, dnourishing and moisturizing properties, an excellent ally of your hair and skin. 

You already know theYlang Ylang Essential Oil E' extract from flowers of Cananga Odorata and has also a strong action moisturizing, over as well as a very good scent. 

Monoi Polynesian and Ylang Ylang are the mix perfect for a trip Toward the Paradise feeling; together you complement giving you a scent from notes aphrodisiacs that you will transport into a dream. Close the eyes e imagine the feeling of peace and well-being, immerse yourself in mood; for do so you just need Monoi Shiningiconic product that will make your face and skin stand out thanks to its golden micro pearlescences.

It is in fact a shimmering lotion that is suitable for all parts of the body: dab it on the areas of the face that you want to brighten and enhance, or on the shoulders, chest and legs, for soft, glowing and fragrant skin with a golden effect that will bring out your beautiful tan. 

For a memorable multi-sensory experience, complete your summer beauty routine with Monoi Fluidsun-protective fluid for your hair; it nourishes, moisturizes and protects against damage caused by long exposure to sun, wind and salt spray. 

Discover the benefits of theHyaluronic Acid ally number one for the your skin, in the range of protections face DN4D  at formula exclusive which protects the skin from rays UVA-UVB, making it visibly more younger and elastic. 

Not only protections sunscreens 

MTJ SUN is so much more; it is a true mood that offers you a unique, multi-sensory and extraordinary experience. In addition to sunscreens and Treatments for your hair, the MTJ SUN Line is enriched with. Illuminating Shimmer Pearl  powder face illuminating superfine, will enhance the your complexion e will make the your look worthy of a parade. 

Bronzing Gold Brown will help you create shadows and bronzing in the areas you want to sculpt or pigment. 

Your favorite products from MTJ SUN are packed into Kits for every need! Caskets that reveal the true magic note you need this summer!

Experience the real Paradise Feeling, enrich your sun routine for hair face and body: SUN CARE BEAUTY KIT.

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