Make up is for everyone

You don't wear makeup because you're afraid of accentuating wrinkles?

You don't have to worry, there is a makeup for all skin types! 

How many times have we heard the words. "When I was young..." coming out of our moms' mouths, referring to fashions, clothes worn, thick hairstyles and make-up. 

The habit of wearing makeup often fades with age, and it is thought that once we get past the much-feared "anta", one can no longer wear foundation or concealer, and lavish eye and lip make-up. Some people are afraid of accentuating wrinkles too much, skin texture, or even those who are afraid of looking unglamorous. 

The makeup Is knowing how to put on makeup! 

True, you don't need to be a make-up expert to understand that smudged eyeliners or badly blended brightly colored eye shadows are aesthetically unappealing, and it is often the lack of knowledge of the magical world of make-up that leads to making these little "mistakes." 

We are here to reveal some tips on how to apply makeup when the skin on the face has some wrinkles and has lost elasticity.

1 - First of all, you should never neglect skincare.

Skincare should not be neglected even at a young age, however, let's face it, it is easier to forget to apply moisturizer on your face when you are 20 years old, and not suffer the consequences. 

  • More mature skin, on the other hand, needs hydration and nourishment, inas it tends to lose elasticity. 

We definitely recommend the Anti-Age Cream and the Cream Ultranutritive face by Napura.  Using these products will plump the skin, which will look more supple and less textured. 

Remember also the eye area, which is prone to frown lines and often left alone. It therefore tends to dry out very easily. Nourish it with the Napura Eye Contour Creamswhich, thanks to their precious ingredients and light texture, will bring your skin the right amount of elasticity and hydration to fight the signs of aging. 

  • Fall reminder: the sun still exists!

And it continues to threaten your skin! Don't forget sunscreen after skincare to prevent wrinkles on your face and neck. 

Napura Divine Touch 50+ has a high SPF and is perfect for sensitive skin. 

Its soft texture does not weigh you down and the Active Ingredients in the formula will act as a real treatment for your skin. Use it even in winter and your skin will thank you. 

MTJ DN4D Cream 50+ has an anti-aging effect thanks to the Hyaluronic Acid and Natural Extracts of its Active Ingredients.

2 - Now let's move on to the facial base.

  • Never be afraid to dare!
Just do it the right way. Of course, a full face doesn't have to be worn every day, so to cover some discolorations you can use a light concealer, patted on with a special brush or beauty blender. 

We recommend the MTJ Concealer with a natural effect, blend with the complexion and minimize imperfections. Skin will look smooth, fresh and hydrated. 

  • To "dare" with elegance,
on the other hand, you can use thefoundation, always remembering not to overdo the amounts and spread it evenly so that it becomes one with your skin. 

Revitalizing Foundation by MTJ is right for you: it contains Vitamins A, C, E e Hyaluronic Acid, which will moisturize your face and blend perfectly with your skin, acting as skincare as well as make-up.

  • Never overdo it with powder! 

We often think we can use powder as a blanket that will erase everything, even the signs of aging. 

In fact, it is not by abusing it that we can hide wrinkles, pores and various imperfections. On the contrary, this way we incur the unpleasant "baker's effect," in English called precisely cakey. 

The secret is to dose it: use a little with a wide brush and press it lightly in the most critical places. This way it will penetrate into the pores, smoothing the texture of the skin. 

Blot Invisible by MTJ is the perfect finish for your base that will make your make-up last and remain, as its name also says, invisible. 

 3 - Never know what to do on your eyes and lips? 

With nude tones you can never go wrong! They are natural, pleasant, and can highlight the natural shadows of your face, or accentuate them even more if dosed in the right way. 


We have created two eye looks for you! They are both nude tones, which can be intensified to your liking by dosing the amount of eyeshadow. Click to watch the tutorials: 



They both have a pop of color to brighten them up and make them more distinctive, but you can skip this step.  The same goes for eyeliner: if you don't feel like it, don't worry, your look will be crazy even without it! 

Final tips: 

The important thing is never to use particularly pasty or dry products, especially in areas with wrinkles or dehydrated or inelastic skin. Even on eyelids, it is always best to apply little product and blend it well. 

If, on the other hand, you like natural looks, following our base tips and simply applying mascara and a gloss will make you shine inside and out without giving up the pleasure of make-up for fear of advancing time! 

Discover the entire line Face Skincare eEye Contour Napura,

And the line Make Up MTJ.

Don't give up your true beauty. 

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