The beauty of your hair starts from the scalp

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Have you ever thought that the key to beautiful hair lies in the health of your scalp? Welcome to the world of Zone, where we offer effective solutions for healthy skin reflected in radiant hair and full-bodied, vital hair. 

Skin health is critical to regaining an optimal balance between well-being and beauty. Our range of Technical Treatments is formulated with a very high concentration of active ingredients, aimed at combating occasional or seasonal hair loss and the phenomenon of localized flaking. 

Each Zone product is the result of extensive research and carefully designed formulation to ensure visible and lasting results. We understand that each individual has specific needs, which is why we offer customized solutions to meet your needs. 

Rely on Zone, the Intensive Localized Treatment by Napura Treatsystemethod, to take care of your scalp and hair. Discover beauty that starts at the root and turns your hair care routine into a wellness ritual. 

Z|00 Stamigen: goodbye weak hair! 

New at Zone, this post-shampoo spray is the new solution for those suffering from weak hair. 

It contains Growth Factors from Bacterial Biofermentation and valuable bioactive extracts of Plant Stem Cells from Green Grapes Grapes and Lilac Flower. 

As we age, these growth factors are lacking, thus leading to aging of the matrix cells and hair bulb with the formation of thin and brittle hair. Z|00 counteracts these processes and gives a follicular enhancement booster and new energy to the hair. 

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Z|0 Anagen: for growth to begin 

Exclusive post-shampoo treatment based on active ingredients that intervene directly in the hair bulb to stimulate its activity. Z|0 contains Bifigen Redox, a special growth factor designed by Napura to stimulate and increase the activity of hair follicles, promoting hair growth. It is a substance derived from Bifidobacterium Bifido, a probiotic bacterium that is a valuable ally of our health. The revitalizing effect of Bifigen Redox is. given by SOD (Superoxide Dismutase), an enzyme that can optimize the activity and defense capabilities of the cells from which hair grows. 

Z|1 Purify: purification started! 

It is the Specific treatment pre shampoo for deep purification of areas of the scalp heavily intoxicated, thanks to the Synergy of 16 highly concentrated Essential Oils, including Clove, Eucalyptus Globulus, Lavender and Scots Pine, a specific mix for purifying areas of the skin in need of deep cleansing. It ensures natural hair growth, promoting rapid drainage of impurities. 

Z|2 Energy: anti-hair loss ally for normal skin 

Z|2 Energy is the most suitable Pre-Shampoo Treatment for strengthening the natural functions of the follicular system, promoting the growth of new hair, replacing hair that has prematurely entered the turnover and shedding phase. 

The Synergy of 22 Highly Concentrated Essential Oils including Lemon, Noble Laurel, Bitter Orange, Bergamot with powerful nourishing and invigorating action., is essential in promoting the growth of strong and healthy hair. 

Z|3 Energy: anti-hair loss ally for Oily Scalp 

This Spray Treatment pre shampoo, quickly makes it possible to improve and prolong the cleansing conditions of the scalp, helping hair to grow stronger and shinier, reducing episodes of abundant hair loss. The Essential Oils of Noble Laurel and Lemon help normalize excess sebaceous and sweat secretions, and the pronounced energizing properties of Cypress and Sage Essential Oil are essential for intensifying hair growth. 

Z|4 Prime: prevent hair loss with a gesture


Adjuvant anti-fall prevention and maintenance treatment, specifically formulated for hair prone to moderate hair loss. Z|5 prime Post revitalizes, nourishes and tones the roots. Post shampoo solution that comes from the synergy of 7 Essential Oils, Dead Sea Salts and Copper Peptides; ideal for young people, sportsmen, and those with little time and looking for a simple, low-maintenance approach. 

Z|5 Active: goodbye dandruff and reddened skin! 

Solving the problem of dandruff means regaining your mental and physical balance. A healthy and balanced skin generates a pleasant feeling of well-being for a long time. That's why Z|5, Intensive Localized Scalp Post Shampoo Treatment, was created, composed of a balanced blend of plant extracts, Propolis and a mix of Essential Oils, including Myrtle, which allow you to effectively protect the skin, helping to regulate the activity of bacteria and keep it well hydrated. E specific for irritated scalp and reddened or subject to external aggression of various kinds or situations of reduced hydration that can in a short time lead to excessive formation of dandruff. 

Z|6 Active: peeling solution against dandruff and irritated scalp 

Synergistic treatment pre shampoo, with powerful peeling action Antidandruff, soothing and protective of the scalp, specific for irritated scalp with flaking and reddened patches, thanks to the synergy of 11 highly concentrated Essential Oils, including Chamomile, Tea Tree Oil, Thyme and Palmarosa. The skin thus regains its natural balance, effectively counteracting and reducing episodes of itching and flaking. 

Relying on high-quality ingredients means giving your hair and skin a precious pampering. Regardless of your concerns, there is always a suitable Treatment ready to regenerate, strengthen and protect your hair. Thanks to incredible advances in our cosmetic research, your every need can be met with effective and long-lasting solutions. Investing in quality hair and skin care products means investing in your well-being and beauty, maintaining the youthfulness and vitality you so love over time. 

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