Guar rubber

Scientific name: Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride
Classification: Active principle

Thickener, geling and moisturizing.



Tales from nature

Guar is the name of an annual herbaceous plant of Indian origin, also grown in various parts of the world such as Pakistan, China and the United States. It can reach 2 meters in height, produces fruits containing 5-9 seeds from which the famous Guar rubber is obtained, the result of the grinding of these seeds that become a white-ivory geling hydrosoluble powder, with an enormous thickening power. Find application in many areas: food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, textile and tobacco.

This flour has the ability to absorb water even in large quantities by transforming itself into a sort of gel. It is used in cosmetics to create gels, thicken emulsions and many preparations and formulas. Particularly suitable for masks, compresses, hair products, toothpastes.

It also has emollient properties that make it ideal for cosmetic uses being slightly moisturizing.


In the specific treatments for the hair both shampoo and finish products, the Guar rubber guarantees deep softness and hydration, transforming an aqueous solution into a gel rich in hydrogen bonds to give the hair strength and silkiness.

In addition, by entering contact with water it helps to hydrate and soften the hair, protecting it from the high temperature of the hairdryer.

Principi attivi

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