Edera extract

Scientific name: Hedera Helix Extract
Classification: Vegetable extract

Toning, firming and draining.

Tales from nature

The Edera (Hedera Helix) is a very robust species of evergreen plant belonging to the Analiaceae family. In flowers free of flowers, it has dark green and light green characteristics. The ivy is characterized by its first flowering, which takes place after about 10 years of the age of the plant. The fruit consists of black berries which are spherical to maturity.

It often grows near the ruins, among the trees and is often used as a shading. In popular medicine, the internal components of Edera are used to treat spleen, gallbladder and liver disorders.

The external part, on the other hand, is exploited in traditional medicine for anti -cellulite treatments, calluses, skin ulcers and other skin and hair imperfections.


In skincare products it is excellent for its toning and firming cosmetic action on the parts of the body without tone or relaxed or on orange peel skin, as well as for its powerful anti -cellulite action.

In hair treatments, the Edera extract enhances the action of the synergy of the essential oils, assisting it in the calming and draining effects on the skin.

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